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Episode 109 – Numbers 14 with Dr. Saleska

Numbers 14 contains another incident in which God’s patience with the Children of Israel is tested. Listen as Dr. John Saleska takes you through the dialog that spares the Children of Israel, but also results in forty years of wondering in the wilderness.

Episode 108 – Numbers 12-13 with Dr. Saleska

Why, after all they have been through – and the goal clearly in sight – do the hearts of the people fail them? Only Joshua and Caleb are convinced the promised land is in reach. Find out more from Dr. John Saleska in this podcast.

Episode 101 – Leviticus 16-28 with Dr. Saleska

In this episode Dr. Saleska takes us deeper into the theology of the Day of Atonement, and draws out the implications for New Testament theology and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

Episode 100 – Psalm 1 with Dr. Saleska

Episode 100 marks the first podcast before a live audience on November 3, 2013 at the Sunday Morning Bible Class at Trinity Lutheran Church – Freistadt, Mequon WI. For this special occasion Dr. Saleska describes the interpretive principle of “Christ in Every Word” and demonstrates the principle in Psalm 1.

Episode 99 – Leviticus 11-16 with Dr. Saleska

The most important day in the worship life of the Old Testament community was “Yom Kippur” – the Day of Atonement. What made the day so important? – And where do we find Christ in in the Day of Atonement? (Here’s a hint – It isn’t hard to do!).

Episode 97 – Exodus 35-40 with Dr. Saleska

Everything is in place for the Tabernacle to be constructed, and so it begins. With the worship center in place, the Children of Israel are about to set off for the promised land. What they don’t know is that it will be a 40 year trip! Dr. John Saleska brings the study of Exodus to a conclusion and prepares you for the entrance into the wilderness and the Book of Leviticus.

Episode 95 – Exodus 34 Part 1 with Dr. Saleska

By the end of his time on the mountain with God, something strange happens to Moses’ countenance. In Exodus 34 He even begins to wear a veil. Why? Dr. Saleska explains what has happened to Moses in this episode of Christ in Every Word.