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Episode 122 – Deuteronomy 9-30 with Dr. Saleska

The title Deuteronomy means “Second Law” and that’s what the book presents; a review of the Law given to Israel at Sinai, and a rehearsal of the history of the forty years of desert wandering. Yet, much of the book is new. Listen as Dr. Saleska explains the theological foundations for Israel in the Promised Land.

Episode 120 – Deuteronomy and the Second Law with Dr. Saleska

Dr. Saleska begins this session of Christ in Every Word by returning to Deuteronomy 18 and the prophecy about Jesus Christ. Then he takes you back to Chapter 5 and the second time Moses presents the 10 Commandments.

Episode 118 – Introduction to Deuteronomy with Dr. Saleska

Join Dr. Saleska and Dr. Oberdeck as they begin the fifth and final book of Moses, Deuternonomy. In this introduction you will discover that a proper introduction to this book begins with Chapter 18, not Chapter 1!

Episode 117 – The Conclusion of Numbers with Dr. Saleska

In this episode Dr. Saleska brings the study of the fourth book of Moses, Numbers, to a conclusion. The Wilderness Wanderings are nearly over, and preparations are being made for the Promised Land. Deuteronomy soon follows.

Episode 115 – Numbers 23-24 with Dr. Saleska

One interesting puzzle about the account of Balaam and Balak in Numbers is figuring out the role of Balaam. Is he a true prophet or a false prophet? Dr. John Saleska draws the appropriate conclusion at the end of this podcast. You might find it surprising!

Episode 114 – Numbers 22 with Dr. Saleska

Balak, the King of Moab, wants to stop Moses and the Children of Israel. What better way than to hire Balaam, a rather shadowy figure in the Book of Numbers, to put a curse the advancing Israelites. But the move backfires in a most unexpected manner. Dr. John Saleska explains in this episode.

Episode 113 – Numbers 21 with Dr. Saleska

Once again the Children of Israel are complaining, and once again are experience God’s anger. This time, however, God’s mercy comes in a very different form, one that is referenced for us in the Gospel of John. Listen as Dr. John Saleska takes us through Numbers 21.

Episode 111 – Numbers 18-19 with Dr. Saleska

Circumstances are difficult for Moses and Aaron. Rebellious Israelites continue to seek power. In this episode the issue is over the priesthood. God intervenes and establishes the priesthood of Aaron in a miraculous way. Listen as Dr. Saleska explains.

Episode 109 – Numbers 14 with Dr. Saleska

Numbers 14 contains another incident in which God’s patience with the Children of Israel is tested. Listen as Dr. John Saleska takes you through the dialog that spares the Children of Israel, but also results in forty years of wondering in the wilderness.

Episode 108 – Numbers 12-13 with Dr. Saleska

Why, after all they have been through – and the goal clearly in sight – do the hearts of the people fail them? Only Joshua and Caleb are convinced the promised land is in reach. Find out more from Dr. John Saleska in this podcast.