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Episode 247 – Song of Songs 1 with Dr. German

A new study begins!  Did you know that, aside from the Psalms, “The Song of Songs” was one of the most commented upon books of the Bible throughout the history of the church?  Why was it so popular, and what does it have to do with us?  Click here to find out!

Episode 240 – Form Criticism with Dr. German

What is “form criticism”?  How did it come about and why does it matter?  In this episode Dr. German answers such questions in response to a listener who asked about a “form-critical” approach to studying the Bible.

Episode 238 – Ecclesiastes 9 with Dr. German

What does it mean that “God has already approved what you do”?  Or that “whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might”?  Click here for Dr. German’s Christ-centered reflections on the next chapter up in our journey through Ecclesiastes.

Episode 236 – Ecclesiastes 7 with Dr. German

What is the nature of the good life?  What does true wisdom look like?  Ecclesiastes tackles such questions head on, and the answers may surprise you!  Click here for Dr. German’s reflections on chapter 7.