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Episode 325 – Jonah 3 with Dr. German

How is the repentance of Nineveh another event in the book of Jonah that’s loaded with irony? Click here to listen as we continue our study of this fascinating prophet!

Episode 319 – Amos 7 with Dr. German

Why does God change his mind about punishing Israel at the beginning of this chapter, but then refuse to hold back judgment at the end of the chapter? Click here to learn more about this fascinating book of the Bible!

Episode 318 – Amos 5 with Dr. German

What kind of justice rolls down like water, and what kind of righteousness flows like an ever-flowing stream? Click here for Dr. German’s Christ-centered reflections on this central chapter of Amos.

Episode 316 – Amos 1-2 with Dr. German

How does the powerful beginning of the book of Amos relate to Christian worship and preaching today? Click here to listen as we tackle the next prophet in this rich collection of God’s word!